Chocolatiers Selection- 12 Chocolates

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Overwhelmed by choice?

Let our knowledgeable Staff and Chocolatiers make the decisions for you.
Our recommended assortment of 12 Chocolate Gift Box  is made up of our staff picks as listed below. A great sample range for a lover of all types of chocolate

  • Coffee Truffle

  • Pineapple and Black Pepper Ganache

  • Raspberry Ganache

  • Chocolate Caramel

  • Balsamic Vinegar and Honey Ganache

  • Cocoa Nib Caramel

  • Chilli Ganache

  • Noisette (Hazelnut)

  • Lemon and Thyme Ganache

  • Pistachio Marzipan

  • Vanilla Cream - Milk

  • Amaretto Truffle

Please note:

  • Due to stock levels,  substitutions may need to be made but only within the parameters of the assortment type


Reviews (9)

Lisa Hancock 29th Dec 2017

Assortment Box of 12

These are truly the most exquisite chocolates I have tasted! The textures are crisp, fudgy or velvety where expected and the flavours are a delight to the palate! If pressed I'd recommend the Balsamic/Honey Ganache or Pistachio Marzipan though each of the flavours sings. This is Chocolate Eutopia....just disappointed the assortment I sampled from weren't all mine!

Hazel Owen 26th Oct 2017


Not only was the process of ordering simple, the chocolates arrived really quickly. They were a thank you gift, and the person to whom I gave them sent me a message saying that they were the best chocolates that they had ever tasted!! I'll definitely be back for more.

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