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My Own Selection - 36 Chocolates

Bohemein My Own Selection Gift Box with 36 chocolates you can add your personal touch. By making your own selection of 36 pieces from our complete range of chocolates. You can fill the box according to your flavour preference or presentation. Please...

Chocolatiers Selection - 36 Chocolates

Overwhelmed by choice? Let our knowledgeable Staff and Chocolatiers make the decisions for you.Our recommended assortment of 36 Chocolate Gift Box  is made up of our staff picks as listed below. A great sample range for a lover of all types of...

Milk Selection - 36 Chocolates

Bohemein 36 Milk chocolates Gift Box includes: Chocolate Caramel x 6 (Advisory Ingredient - D) Amaretto Truffle x 6 (Advisory Ingredient - A, D, N) Cointreau Ganache x 6 (Advisory Ingredient...

Dark Selection - 36 Chocolates

Bohemein 36 Dark chocolates Gift Box includes: Melting Passion Ganache x3 (Advisory Ingredient - A, D) Coconut Cream Truffle x3 (Advisory Ingredient - none*) Raspberry Ganache x3 (Advisory Ingredient...

Truffles Selection - 36 Chocolates

Bohemein 36 Truffles Gift Box includes: Coffee Truffle x9 (Advisory Ingredient - A, D, C) Amaretto Truffle x9 (Advisory Ingredient - A, D, N) Marc de Champagne Truffle x6 (Advisory Ingredient...

Nut Free Selection- 36 Chocolate

Bohemein 36 Nut Free* Chocolates Gift Box includes: Chilli Ganache x3 (Advisory Ingredient - D) Maple Cream x3 (Advisory Ingredient - D) Rosemary and Apricot Ganache x3 (Advisory Ingredient - D,...

Non Alcohol Selection - 36 Chocolates

Bohemein 36 Non Alcohol Chocolates Gift Box includes: Seventy Truffle x3 (Advisory Ingredient - D) Vanilla Cream - Dark x3 (Advisory Ingredient - D) Noisette (Hazelnut) x3 (Advisory Ingredient...