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My Own Selection - 4 Chocolates

Bohemein My Own Selection Gift Box with 4 chocolates you can add your personal touch. By making your own selection of 4 pieces from our complete range of chocolates. You can fill the box according to your flavour preference or presentation. Please...

Chocolatiers Selection - 4 Chocolates

Overwhelmed by choice? Let our knowledgeable Staff and Chocolatiers make the decisions for you.Our recommended assortment of 4 Chocolate Gift Box  is made up of our staff picks as listed below. A great sample range for a lover of all types of...

Milk Selection - 4 Chocolates

Bohemein 4 Milk chocolates Gift Box includes: Maple Cream (Advisory Ingredient - D) Vanilla Cream - Milk (Advisory Ingredient - D) Chocolate Caramel (Advisory Ingredient - D) Cointreau...

Truffles Selection - 4 Chocolates

Bohemein 4 Truffles Gift Box includes: Coconut Cream Truffle (Advisory Ingredient - none*) Coffee Truffle (Advisory Ingredient - A, D, C) Seventy Truffle (Advisory Ingredient - D) Marc de Champagne...

Nut Free Selection - 4 Chocolates

Bohemein  4 Nut Free* Chocolates Gift Box includes: Balsamic Vinegar and Honey Ganache (Advisory Ingredient - D, H, Su) Maple Cream (Advisory Ingredient - D) Vanilla Cream - Dark (Advisory Ingredient...

Non Alcohol Selection - 4 Chocolates

Bohemein 4 Non Alcohol Chocolates Gift Box includes: Vanilla Cream - Dark (Advisory Ingredient - D) Seventy Truffle (Advisory Ingredient - D) Lemon and Thyme Ganache (Advisory Ingredient - D) Chocolate...