About Web Thank you points 

How can I see what rewards I've earned & redeemed?
You can easily see which rewards you've already redeemed through your program by signing into your account at our store by clicking on our program's Launcher.Once the Panel has loaded, you can click on Your rewards. The Your rewards card will show you a complete list of the rewards you've earned and redeemed through our program.

How can I earn points/ start earning points ?

  • To start earning points you will need to open an account. If you already have one make sure to sign in.
  • Place an order erns 20 Web Thankyou points for every $1.00 spent 
  • Signing Up (create an account) erns 250 Web Thank you points 
  • Add your Birthday date to your account and we will send you 250 Web Thank you points to help you celebrate. (make sure this is done 30 days before your Birthday date or you will have to wait until your next Birthday)

What are the rewards? 

Once you earn 500 Web Thankyou points you will earn $5.00 voucher. You can then use this voucher against your next purchase 

Does this system replaces you system offered in the store? 

No this system is similar but not joined with the one we offer in store. All your store Thankyou point will be usable once we go back to normal trading.

How are the Web Thankyou points issued/earned or Cancelled? 

  • You will earn points when the order status is changed  to Shipped, Completed or Awaiting Pickup.
  • Your point will be deducted when the order status is Cancelled or Declined.
  • You will be rewarded for Order subtotal including taxes and shipping,
  • You will not receive rewards for coupons, discount rules and store credit.

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