The Best Way to Enjoy Chocolate

Learning how to appreciate quality fresh chocolates is similar to appreciating a great bottle of wine. It's about the look, smell, texture and taste. The better the quality that you eat, the more you can refine your tastes.

First, look at the chocolate. Is it shiny? – one of the signs that the chocolate has been properly tempered. Smell it and savour the aromas.

Bite the chocolate - you should feel and hear the 'snap' of the chocolate – another sign the chocolate has been prepared correctly.

As the chocolate melts in your mouth and reaches body temperature, the flavours and aromas of the chocolate will blend with the filling of the chocolate creating a flavour explosion.

As the flavours swirl in your mouth, experience how the intensity of the chocolate complements and enhances the flavour of your chosen filling.

Then simply select another chocolate and try another exciting flavour.

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How To Care For Your Chocolates

Bohemein Fresh Chocolates use only fresh ingredients.

It is very important to store your chocolate in a cool dark place (ideally 15 to 18 C), away from strongly scented ingredients and direct sunlight.

If you must store our chocolates in the fridge, put them in an airtight container or double plastic bag that is well sealed.

When you take your chocolates out of the fridge leave the lid or the bag closed until the temperature of the chocolates reaches room temperature about 20 C. This way you will avoid condensation forming on the chocolate.

How Long Do They Last?

The “best before” date indicates how long you can enjoy the freshness and full flavour of our chocolates, providing that the correct treatment and storage recommendations have been followed.